Thank you again. I think I'll stay with plain txt -- pdf looks too 
difficult to achieve.

Now, next problem: Everything worked fine with my 1-page test pdf. I now 
tried to do the same with a 30 MB 500 pages pdf. After running convert 
-density 300 test.pdf -depth 8 -strip -background white -alpha off 
test.tiff it took 2 hours and then suddenly everything went black and I 
could not do anything. I guess my Mac is too weak to handle this. I guess 
splitting the pdf in many parts is the only option left? 
With pdftk I used the command "pdftk test.pdf burst" to split the pdf in 
single pages. I then put around 50 pages in a new folder and used "pdftk 
*.pdf cat output test.pdf" to combine them. Is there a faster way to do 
this? I do not know with which command I could split the 500 automatically 
in bundles of 50.

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