> Hi folks! So I finally got around to that 'think about USB test
> coverage' item that's been on my todo list forever.
> I propose we add a table to the Installation Validation page. The
> purpose is simply to check that writing images is working with
> mediawriter in the major supported environments: Windows, macOS , and
> the supported stable Fedora releases. So it could just look like this:
>                         Windows    macOS    Fedora 24    Fedora 25
> QA:Testcase_USB_fmw
> with the intent being that we at least check that writing any one
> release blocking image with mediawriter in each environment.
> We could split Windows into 7, 8 and 10 or something, but not sure if
> it's really necessary...

After reading Martin Briza's reply, we could have a Win 7 and Win 10 column, 
yeah. But e.g. for dual-boot, I always test just with Win 10 and hope the 
community does the rest :-) I'd probably do it the same here - it should be OK 
if at least one of those fields is populated, not require both. Alternatively, 
we can have a single column and recommend to primarily test on Win 7 and Win 10 
in the test case description (and hope that people will submit multiple results 
for this from time to time, and add a note to indicate what they tested with). 
I don't have a real preference here.

What do we do if one or both of the Windows fields fail? Or the macOS one? Our 
release criteria don't specify a host system at the moment.

Also, should we split Fedora systems per arch (x86_64, armhfp)? I don't want to 
have a too much exploded matrix here, I'd keep it architecture-less I guess.
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