On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 11:28:50AM +0100, Martin Bříza wrote:
> new non-Fedora releases. There is no rigid process of getting the
> releases to websites. The process now is I put up a new release and
> ping dgilmore to compile it. He then, when he has time, compiles it
> and puts it somewhere and notifies websites to pull it or he puts it
> there himself.

I think changing "ping dgilmore" to "file a ticket with rel-eng" would
be an improvement. Not that Dennis doesn't do a bunch of stuff -- in
fact, exactly because he does, a ticket will help keep it from getting

Ideally, we'd have something so you could trigger the build
automatically, but I can see the work/reward of that being low if this
is infrequent.

> For example for 4.0.8 which was released about a week ago there has
> been no activity yet - meanwhile, f25 package is already stable.

A week and waiting for the F25 package to go stable seems fine in most
cases - but we'd want it to be much faster in the event of a serious

> All I can do is ping the people over and over and hope one day the
> version get pushed there. There is very limited feedback in regards
> to what the status is now, if it compiles and there is no testing
> besides mine.

A ticket will help, yeah.

And there needs to be a step in between "build made and available for
download $somewhere" and "build pushed to web server" where QA can do
the QAing.

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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