>|When I try to run musixtex on the example file netsoos.mtx from the
 >|MusiXTeX site [1], I get the following output in the console
 >|d:\folder>musixtex netsoos
 >|This is musixtex.lua version 0.19.
 >|==> This is M-Tx 0.63 (Music from TeXt) <7 January 2018>
 >|!! prepmx preprocessing of netsoos.mtx fails.
 >|and the program crashes.
 >|The (rather unhelpful) content of musixtex.log is
 >|This is musixtex.lua version 0.19.
 >|Processing netsoos.mtx
 >|  prepmx netsoos
 >|!! prepmx preprocessing of netsoos.mtx fails.
 >|I am using MiKTeX on Windows 10.
 >|Any ideas on what might be the problem?
 >|(Note: I do not have a full MiKTeX installation. Could any missing
 >|packages be causing this behavior?)

The most likely explanation. Open a terminal, move to a
working folder containing netsoos.mtx and enter

  > prepmx netsoos

If this fails, it's likely that you need to install m-tx
and miktex-m-tx-bin (and possibly pmx and miktex-pmx-bin
as well). You might want to configure MiKTeX to install
packages on-the-fly; this isn't foolproof but often works.

Bob T.
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