A Gloom wrote:
> TT: It is Southern Texas. Vidor. It is a small city with a bad reputation.
>> The rest of your post doesn't really say anything much.
>> IS there universal healthcare? Or not?
> Never claimed there was-- its a well known fact that America doesn't.
> What the rest of post said is America has public health if you fall below 
> the poverty level and mainly in the urban areas-- in our so called ghettos, 
> prople without health get their lives saved (like from gun wounds from 
> criminal activities without health insurance) rural areas often get 
> neglected. And there's a huge gap for medical insurance for the lower 
> middle class that don't quality for public assistance and don't make enough 
> to afford private health insurance-- they are the ones whole need universal 
> health not someone making $100,000 or more.

For this situation with the virus you basically said nothing.


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