Birthe C wrote:
> We would need to get rid of a lot of EU restrictions. Reduce a hell of a 
> lot of bureaucrazy. The need for health professionals to use most part of 
> their working hours to enter data for every possible thing. Much of it of 
> no relevance to the actual treatment right now, but data registers are to 
> be build. Everything collected and fun together. Often leaking in public. 
> All that stuff are also hacked rather often.

Right. My doctor loathes the computer but has to do hours on it doing 
admin. It is "out of proportion", as he says.

No doctor can learn without bodily interaction being central.

My doctor is about 60. He has lots of years of practice. But what would a 
25 year old do now? 
I should ask them. They likely have a different view?



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