Thanks so much for this solution and the updates. 

   - Perhaps one day you may allow us to toggle the display of the 
   notowritey settings, just for a cleaner screen.
   - Perhaps it could be put behind the info tab with $:/tags/TiddlerInfo 
   once the setup is complete.
   - I plan to write a similar method to that in my recent post Jumping 
   into Streams 
   <!topic/tiddlywiki/VxXNkf92k4A> to 
   demonstrate how your solution can be leveraged further without needing 
   further code changes.

I have being trying to replicate your buttons to take snapshots of other 
tiddlers as html, wikitext to clipboard and tiddler. I am however 

If you ever feel so inclined I would love toolbar icons to do this for any 
tiddler, this is a most impressive feature and it could be used in many 
places including streams. No pressure, and yes I am saying it again, in 
different words.

Imagine a Large and complex tiddler, with lots of calculations and date 
tiddlers could be captured into shapshot, and displayed instead of the 
actual tiddler (hide-body = yes) and a refresh button provided so it is not 
a performance hit by just being displayed. This would also allow a large 
report result to be captured "as at a particular time" and remain valid 
despite changes to the underlying data.

I am happy to help achieve any of my suggestions in here, please ask.

Love your work
TW Tones.

On Monday, June 29, 2020 at 1:04:57 PM UTC+10, Mark S. wrote:
> I thought I'd add a little to the documentation, and then I discovered a 
> bug in the split routine. I'm surprised no one else came across it. 
> Hopefully it's fixed now.
> Plugins are now a standard part of the NW distribution. So any time you 
> want to upgrade your existing NW file you can just drag and drop the plugin 
> in from the plugins section. Note that you should first delete the 
> following individual (non-shadow) tiddlers from your file if they exist:
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-down 
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-left 
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-right 
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-up 
>    - $:/core/images/fold-button-minus 
>    - $:/core/images/menu-button-hamburg 
>    - $:/core/images/unfold-button-plus 
>    - $:/plugins/MAS/NotoWritey/readme 
>    - DocumentTemplate 
>    - Folding Macros 
>    - MoveSelection 
>    - NotoWritey Macros 
>    - NotoWritey Styles 
> Currently there is no separate project for the plain editor vs. the 
> outliner -- it's all outliner. I probably won't be pursuing the dynaview 
> option, since that didn't seem to improve performance.
> As a reminder, the NW file can be found at:

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