Mark S. wrote:

Below is a modified

> tiddler. Now when you click on the "export tiddler" option, you get two 
> more choices. One copies the rendered tiddler to HTML, and the other copies 
> to plain text.
> I don't think copying the all-up wikitext would be easy. There are no 
> tools for collecting the *rendered output* of a tiddler as wikitext. You 
> can get the parsetree(s), but then you'd have to turn them back into 
> wikitext, which is likely to be non-trivial. You could capture the exact 
> wikitext for the single tiddler, but that wouldn't be very useful.

Very useful! That, along with your Tiddler WikiText collector in Noto 
covers most any situation.

FYI, the pure text one is particularly interesting to me as that is what 
screenplays are. Using it you can "capture" pure text (even when produced 
by a specialised parser, e.g. rules).

Best wishes

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