Ciao Mark

I spent a while working with the outliner. 

I had hoped to get the entries in TiddlyWiki Toolmap into it (simply to 
help me track issues I want to report to David.)

It brought up the problem I encountered before with performance.

My current impression in Outliner Mode Noto does a great job until you 
start to get to larger numbers. Though could be me trying to do too much at 
once in splits.

For instance, After prep, I was able to get it to accurately split 
Gifford's list at all the main "Section" headers. And then started 
splitting each section into individual items for each entry under it. 
Pretty quickly changing things got super slow.

If I get a chance I might try it a different way by fully preparing 
Tiddlers in Noto format First.

Just comments.
Best wishes

On Monday, 29 June 2020 05:04:57 UTC+2, Mark S. wrote:
> I thought I'd add a little to the documentation, and then I discovered a 
> bug in the split routine. I'm surprised no one else came across it. 
> Hopefully it's fixed now.
> Plugins are now a standard part of the NW distribution. So any time you 
> want to upgrade your existing NW file you can just drag and drop the plugin 
> in from the plugins section. Note that you should first delete the 
> following individual (non-shadow) tiddlers from your file if they exist:
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-down 
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-left 
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-right 
>    - $:/core/images/chevron-up 
>    - $:/core/images/fold-button-minus 
>    - $:/core/images/menu-button-hamburg 
>    - $:/core/images/unfold-button-plus 
>    - $:/plugins/MAS/NotoWritey/readme 
>    - DocumentTemplate 
>    - Folding Macros 
>    - MoveSelection 
>    - NotoWritey Macros 
>    - NotoWritey Styles 
> Currently there is no separate project for the plain editor vs. the 
> outliner -- it's all outliner. I probably won't be pursuing the dynaview 
> option, since that didn't seem to improve performance.
> As a reminder, the NW file can be found at:

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