I imagine the performance hit comes from the way that hiding fold levels 
occurs. The method I used to structure the document was meant to be highly 
portable. So you can port all the tiddlers and the tag tiddler to any 
tiddler, and view them correctly using the <<toc>> macro and nothing else. 
And any time you want to change the order of tiddlers, you can do so using 
the tag pill. But, perhaps, I focused too narrowly on an unimportant goal 

Possibly if there was a mode where fold-levels were turned off performance 
would improve. People could turn off folding in order to performance 
intensive activities and then turn it back on later for viewing.


On Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 1:37:11 AM UTC-7, Saq Imtiaz wrote:
> @TT could you post the document with TiddlyToolmap imported? I have a 
> suspicion about where the performance hit on editing is coming from and 
> comparing side by side to Streams (in which I have Tiddly toolmap imported) 
> will be a quick way to check if I'm on the right track... Without having to 
> dive into code.

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