On further consideration of the idea having view, update and edit modes, 
just imagine having another set of "templates" that describes an update 
mode for a tiddler, view would be totally read only, update would enable 
specified fields to be active for edit and edit is the current full edit 
view. Once a tiddlywiki is setup and running perhaps users will never go 
into the full edit mode only ever update mode (or a guided edit). Perhaps 
we could even have a user mode/security level where some users may only be 
permitted to use update mode, not the full tiddler edit mode.

food for thought?



On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 11:22:34 PM UTC+11, TonyM wrote:
> Mario,
> I understand where you are coming from but its a "view all" only, or "edit 
> all only". I think when using tiddlywiki users and for matter, when acting 
> as an application or website, this all or nothing edit approach forces the 
> need for total acceptance of the idea of a tiddler. When for many users 
> they are thinking about the book review, movie notes, expense record or 
> something else, do they really need to see all fields, including  caption, 
> color and icon fields if they only want to change a minor detail.
> What if all they wish to do is select a due date for the tiddler?, why 
> should they open the whole tiddler in edit mode, then have to look for 
> where to make the change? when they could simply set the due date?
> Whilst I have detailed knowledge of tiddlywiki I need not be an end user 
> to want to have simple and direct ways to interact with a tiddler sometimes.
> Perhaps "using forms" is a way to describe "custom edits" of a tiddler and 
> its attributes, but I see value in letting the designer determine exactly 
> which elements can be changed. Perhaps a concept of view, update and edit 
> modes or let the difference between view and edit blur so any attribute (eg 
> field, tag) of a tiddler can be made available to change/edit.
> To me any tiddler can be considered a form, and we can programatically 
> decide which attributes can be edited as needed. This is most definitely in 
> the case of selecting at least which attributes/fields are visible to the 
> user in view mode, because currently most additional fields are not visible.
> What are you thoughts on my thinking here?
> Tony
> On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 10:28:15 PM UTC+11, PMario wrote:
>> On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 8:10:42 AM UTC+1, TonyM wrote:
>>> In any given tiddler have a field called field-view or field-edit which 
>>> lists field names that are to be displayed or edited in the view template
>> IMO it's named ViewTemplate for a reason. If you need to edit it, 
>> EditTemplate should be used. ... 
>> May be we need something like a FormTemplate .. That allows "end users" 
>> to insert stuff into different tiddlers using Forms.
>> just my thought. 
>> mario

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