I just hit a weird issue (to me). I assume its something to with the 
DOM-inique thing? 

I generate Tiddlers that include CSS generated counters like this ...

BUT when I try to copy-highlight it I get this ...

The copy-highlighter skips the CSS generated number content. And when I 
paste it the numbers are missing.

I looked at the generated HTML and there also the CSS generated numbers are 
missing. B*mmer.

I guess its not a TW issue so much as a broader issue with DOM-inique? 

BUT its a PITA because I'd dearly like to use CSS to generate lots of 
indices to help construct tiddler structures like the above.

*MY QUESTION for the truly savvy*:

* Is there ANY way I can get to copy the final surface render that includes 
the CSS generated numbers?*In hope

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