Good morning, Stephan,

BOTTOM LINE: a journal tiddler will work, I just have to drop the project 
number requirement in the title. Consider that done. *I still want* (and 
don't know how) to get a field value from the storyTiddler.

Ever do something because it was the first way you concepted it, only to 
struggle? And then someone comes along and asks, "why that way, why not 
another?"? :)

Well ... there's part of your answer. My first thought was to display, as 
part of the tiddler title, a time/date stamp (keeps titles unique), along 
with the project number the entry was about, and a bit of text for 
additional information.

As I learn more about TW filtered lists, the need for the project number in 
the title diminishes, as long as that project number is available elsewhere 
in a tiddler for filtering use. And, I can easily include text literals 
with the time/datestamp tiddler name.

HOWEVER, I still have use cases for getting a field value from a host 
tiddler (the storyTiddler?) for use in generating a new tiddler. In this 
case, I want to get the value of the projectnumber field from the host 
tiddler and put it in a projectnumber field of a new tiddler. I can already 
do something like this, if 1) the host tiddler's title IS the project 
number (and nothing else), and 2) I use that title as the value for the new 
tiddler's projectnumber field. This works, but feels clunky because a title 
is not the same (conceptually) as a project number, even though they are 
the same (textually) in this particular use case.

While a tag seems to be the best way to provide inclusion of a tiddler into 
a larger set, there might be multiple tags, and how am I to know which one 
is a project number and which ones are not? A projectnumber field seems to 
be a better way to denote inclusion into a project set, in this case. So, I 
want to use a field for a project number, and not rely solely on tags to 
contain the project number. (This opens up the question of best uses for 
tags versus fields.)

In any case, thank you for looking at this and asking your question. A 
second look from a different point of view is frequently valuable, and it 
gets me out of a thinking rut I didn't realize I was in.

Thanks again!


On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 4:44:16 AM UTC-5, Stephan Hradek wrote:
> Before taking too many steps and making it overly complicated: Have you 
> thought about utilising a Journal tiddler?
> Take a look at "Making a custom journal button 
> <>"

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