BOTTOM LINE: Things are now working as I need them to be working. Project 
number in the title was dropped. "Inheriting" a field value (the project 
number, in this case) in a new tiddler was added.

I think it is more important to have the date/timestamp in the title (to 
help keep titles unique, and to easily organize them by date), than to have 
the project number in the title. While I would still like the project 
number there, I'm dropping this requirement. Thank you for asking your 
questions, as they forced me to re-evaluate my true needs.

Being able to "inherit" the project number from the host/parent tiddler 
when creating a new tiddler is, however, important for other kinds of 
tiddler organization. You've shown how this can be done; I'll have to 
research why this works because it emphasizes my lack of understanding of 
TW and scope of values.

I've chosen to not explore your auto-incrementing project number, but I 
appreciate the suggestion.

As a result, I've got things working the way I need them to work. At least 
until I come with a new requirement.

Thanks again!


P.S. How are these posts marked as "Complete", so other helpful folks don't 
have to go through everything just to find out the problem is resolved?

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 12:31:41 PM UTC-5, Stephan Hradek wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018 17:20:55 UTC+1 schrieb Stephan Hradek:
>> Can you test, what you attempted on and post all the 
>> tiddlers here so that I can see and aybe correct?
>> For your previous example, it is an easy fix:
>> Tiddler 1 fields:
>>> Title:hostTiddler
>>> projectnumber:12345
>>> Text:{{||newProjectEntryPB}}
>> Tiddler 2 fields:
>> Title:newProjectEntryPB
>> Text:\define projecttitle() $(todaynow)$, $(projectnum)$, Project entry:
>> <$set name="todaynow" value=<<now "YYYY-0MM-0DD 0hh:0mm:0ss">>>
>> <$set name="projectnum" value={{!!projectnumber}}>
>> Need a new project entry? Click this button and a project tiddler will be 
>> created:
>> <$button>
>>       New project entry
>>       <$action-sendmessage
>>          $message="tm-new-tiddler"
>>          title=<<projecttitle>>
>>       />
>> </$button>
>> </$set>
>> Of course this doesn't fix the timestamp, but the projectnumber is in.
> Ah! And for an auto-incremented projectnumber you saw my "Quick & Dirty" 
> example above? 

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