Can you test, what you attempted on and post all the 
tiddlers here so that I can see and aybe correct?

For your previous example, it is an easy fix:

Tiddler 1 fields:

> Title:hostTiddler
> projectnumber:12345
> Text:{{||newProjectEntryPB}}

Tiddler 2 fields:
Text:\define projecttitle() $(todaynow)$, $(projectnum)$, Project entry:

<$set name="todaynow" value=<<now "YYYY-0MM-0DD 0hh:0mm:0ss">>>
<$set name="projectnum" value={{!!projectnumber}}>

Need a new project entry? Click this button and a project tiddler will be 
      New project entry


Of course this doesn't fix the timestamp, but the projectnumber is in

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