Some background:

I have been playing around with ways to make stand-alone executable files 
out of node programs for a while for my other work and I have found a few 
working options. The npm module pkg is currently the best out of what I 
have used. They allow you to take a program written in nodejs and convert 
it into a single executable file with no external dependencies. So you can 
run the node version of tiddlywiki without installing node.

Using the multi-user plugin you can start up the node version of tiddlywiki 
one time and it will serve as many wikis as you want and you can have it 
create single file versions of any of the wikis without the multi-user 
plugin once you are done editing them (this is how I have been making all 
of my single file wikis lately)

The result:

You just download the tiddlywiki program and start it up, then in your 
browser you open localhost:8080 (or wherever you set it to be hosted, I can 
make it so that when you start the program it automatically opens in your 
default browser also) and then from within that you can create your new 
wikis and edit them and all of them will have two-way syncing with the file 
system and can support multiple people editing at the same time (or one 
person in multiple browsers or tabs or computers)

And the question:

Is that something people are interested in? I got very little feedback 
about the multi-user plugin so I suspect that most people just use 
tiddlywiki in a single person or single file situation. I use what I 
described above but it isn't packaged in a way that is portable and making 
it portable will take a bit of work so I wanted to see if anyone would 
actually use it before bothering.

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