Jed, comments inserted below ...

Jed wrote:

> ... you ... take a program written in nodejs and convert it into a single 
> executable file with no external dependencies. 

The point of what I described is that you run an executable file and then a 
> working wiki opens in your browser and you don't have to think about it. 
> That is what I have set up and what I am asking about.

Right. And thank you! I think its an excellent approach. Especially if it 
could be made "portable" (see below).

If this could work in a way the user can just "install it and start 
working" it opens a lot of possibilities.

For instance, if portable, one could wrap it with a specific TiddlyWiki 
application so that a user gets a whole "package". They would have 
flexibility if they needed it, but at the start they could just start using 
without complications on saving, backup, platform concerns etc.  

Jed wrote:

A portable app version sounds like a good idea. I need to look into what 
> that requires. 

A few comments on this. Perhaps they are obvious. But perhaps helpful. 

As far as I understand it to make an application portable requires mainly 
that its settings only ever use relative addressing. apps have a slightly more stringent approach that requires 
things like a working cache to also be relatively addressed (as opposed, 
say, to allowing the OS' designated area for User temp files). 

Its worth noting that PortableApps menuing system (directly supported only 
in Windows, though is Wine compliant) can run any program. In my own case I 
run many applications that are "portable enough" through it (i.e. make no 
changes to registry but do use some OS' determined locations for temporary 

Best wishes


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