I perceive the results-as-you-type thing as more of a toy -- not a 
usability development. Not just TW, but anywhere it's used. It may make 
sense when it's attached to  a powerful back-end server database, but not 
so much when you have a local, non-indexed data source. In the case of TW, 
it interferes with usability particularly on small devices. Re-rendering 
with each keystroke is another related problem that affects all TW's 
performance. I can only assume most users are not touch typists, have very 
powerful machines, have small TW's, or are using screen keyboards.

-- Mark

On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 4:11:39 AM UTC-7, @TiddlyTweeter wrote:
> Ciao Mark S.
> I guess part of the issue is that "usability" developments can have 
> consequences unforeseen at the time???
> J.
> Mark S. wrote:
>> > Such as a search that responds keystroke by keystroke.
>> I would love to turn that feature off. You don't need 85,000 tiddlers to 
>> have it slow things down -- even a few hundred is enough on a tablet. I'd 
>> much rather type and enter without the performance and interference hit.

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