The discussion in this thread is interesting to me.

At a practical level its, perhaps, worth noting that in the last year I put 
three projects "on hold" because TW testing indicated it could not cope.

FWIW, they are ...

1 - 50,000 simple sections from the Perry Mason TV series scripts. The idea 
here is to display 100 tiddlers of quotes at a time. And let readers 
favourite what grabs their interest.

2 - A complex project for Dickens' novel Great Expectations that is chunked 
down to paragraphs, with annotations at paragraph level, cross linking to 
another wiki for clips from thirteen versions of GE that have been filmed, 
and a Glossary of terms used.

3 - Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in middle English with line by line 

All three TW can do what is needed very well, easily. Except that NONE of 
them can cope with the SCALE. In practice I can't get it responsive enough 
to make any of them public.

Just saying

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