In the first link I posted it shows something notable about using "delete" 
for deleting object properties: 

In V8 6.0 and 6.1 (not yet used in any Node releases), deleting the last 
property added to an object hits a fast path in V8, and thus it is faster, 
even, than setting to undefined. This is excellent news, as it shows that 
the V8 team is working towards improving the performance of delete. 
However, the delete operator will still result in a significant performance 
hit on property access if a property *other than the most recently added 
property* is deleted from the object. So overall we have to continue to 
recommend against using delete.

I've seen that it's used within the tiddlywiki core and the mentioned 
discovery appears to be a recent one

@Jed Carty

It's a bit annoying not knowing exactly where it goes and which tweaks made 
now are future-proof
I hope that we can filter those tweaks that make sense so that we won't 
need to change again in half a year


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