> BTC, you're blowing my mind with your progress on this! All I can do now 
> is stand back and watch while your magic happens. The idea to have a FAB 
> button fixed to each tiddler (I assume to replace the standard ViewTemplate 
> buttons?) is something that I didn't even know I wanted, and now I'm 
> itching for it xD 

> Do you have plans to make this into a separate FAB plugin of your own? 
> That would be really cool, because you were able to add a lot of 
> functionality to it that works great outside of the theme package!

Yes, I can make it its own plugin. The per-tiddler-fab would show the 
viewtoolbar buttons in view mode and the edittoolbar + editor toolbar 
buttons in edit mode

> meanwhile... I'm back here at step one wondering why this...
> <$press $targets="test-div" $time="500" $startactions="""<$action-setfield 
> $tiddler="$:/state/test/pannable" text="yes"/>""" 
> $endactions="""<$action-setfield $tiddler="$:/state/test-values" 
> $field="center-x" $value={{$:/state/test/pan!!center-x}}/>""">
> <$pan $targets="test-div" $statetiddler="$:/state/test/pan">
> <div class="test-div green">test</div>
> </$pan>
> </$press>
>  is producing this error:
> Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'insertBefore' of undefine
> I discovered that it's a bad idea having the $state="on/off" 
on-off-switchable ... I'm not using that anymore and I think I'll remove it 
from all the widgets
Widget actions can be filtered by the existence of a state tiddler for 
example, that would do the same if done right

This error here I guess is either that or something with animations


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