hi JD,

nice work, but a strange thing: in one of my wikis (running on node,js) the 
sidebar pushes the story away and both are visible. But in the other, with 
(as far as I can discover ALL settings are the same), the sidebar slides 
open but the story stays in the same place and is only partly visible.

Any idea what can cause this?


On Monday, April 2, 2018 at 7:37:26 PM UTC+2, JD wrote:
> Hello folks, I've been playing around with Google's Material design and 
> would like to share what I created so far... 
> http://j.d.material.tiddlyspot.com
> ...in hindsight, I think overwriting core image tiddlers (and "more 
> tiddler actions" button) might not be the best way to go... So, for anybody 
> who wants to try this out, there's that info for you. I'll probably cut 
> those overwritten portions away in an update... 
> Oh. Please try out the palettes under Control Panel > Appearance > 
> Material Tweaks, they're specifically designed for this theme...
> ***
> I've been testing this with the v.v. amazing Noteself fork with a Cloudant 
> account (and the android app! So freaking cool)... The 
> setup just made my life easier (I've been meaning to send some feedback 
> but I've recently been very busy I'm sorry). 
> So, thanks, everyone. I've been enjoying my visits here in Google Groups. 
> You guys are awesome innovators! I get shy just thinking about how little I 
> can contribute... Y'all are some of the coolest forum-goers around. 

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