Op zondag 15 april 2018 11:28:34 UTC+2 schreef Mat:
> My interpretation is this:
> You want, somewhere in TiddlyWiki, a field where you fill in the title. 
> Next to it is a button that, when clicked, creates the tiddler from some 
> template and shows it in edit mode with the title filled in and with focus 
> on the text area.
> Correct?
> <:-)

Yes that is exactly what I wanted to do, with 1 more, I wanted to create 
that tiddler from a template.

The only way I found so far was to create a new tiddler from the template, 
clone that one and rename that tiddler and delete the first tiddler.
As described here 

The simplest way appears to be:
> -- enter the 'newtitle' to a temp tiddler or field, via an edit-text 
> widget (starting out with the current title)
> -- create a "Rename Tiddler" button:
>       -- creates a clone (using 'currentTiddler' as the template) with the 
> title set to value of 'newtitle' ('tm-new-tiddler')
>       -- deletes the original tiddler ($action-deletetiddler widget)
> To create the clone, you may find the $x-maketid widget from here 
> <http://gwiz-beta.tiddlyspot.com/> more convenient to use than an 
> $action-sendmessage widget.

That looked to me like overdoing it.This can't be that crazy.

The only other possible sollution was with the tm-new-tiddler widget but I 
cant figure out how to use the paramObject (not much info found).

A point in the right direction would be much appriciated.

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