I may be able to give you more tomorrow but the solutions I have seen that do 
what you want save the new tiddler name in a state tiddler, then you click on a 
button which uses multiple actions widgets to make a new tiddler with 
transcluding the state tiddler as the title, then open it for edit. I presume 
by template you mean with a default text content? If it is not to much the new 
tiddler action can specify text="text" and perhaps text={{textsourcetiddler}}.

On a side note I would like a clone here button in addition to new here which 
lets you edit the title and nominate the tiddler to clone.

To be honest I create most of my tiddlers with new, new here and clone except 
for custom tiddlers. I am keen to develop ways to copy tags and fields and or 
there values from one tiddler to the next.


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