I did found that page.

But it creates a new tiddler where the title comse from the body of an 
other tiddler that u manipulate with the input field.

What I couldn't do with it was create that tiddler based on a template

I tried this (it doesnt work but maybe it explains it beter).

First I have a template tiddler $:/MyNewTiddler with a few custom fields

Then a input field 

Project Step: <$edit-text tiddler="$:/MyNewTiddler" tag="input" default="" 
> class='tc-edit-texteditor' placeholder=Project step' name'/>

That puts the custom text in the body of that tiddler
Then a button

> <$action-createtiddler param="$:/MyNewTiddler" 
> $basetitle={{$:/MyNewTiddler} tags="projectA" text="Description of 
> materials"/>
> Add
> </$button>

I know this part is wrong param="$:/MyNewTiddler but I don't know why.


I'm sorry but for me there is still confusion between state, shadow and 
But that is something I need to find out 

100% correct with the 

On a side note I would like a clone here button in addition to new here 
> which lets you edit the title and nominate the tiddler to clone.

that is the basis of what I am hoping to do.

Op zondag 15 april 2018 17:39:47 UTC+2 schreef Thomas Elmiger:
> Hi,
> Maybe this information will be helpful for you:
> https://tiddlywiki.com/#ActionCreateTiddlerWidget%20Example:%5B%5BActionCreateTiddlerWidget%20Example%5D%5D%20ActionCreateTiddlerWidget
> Cheers,
> Thomas 

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