Thanks for your effort. Unfortunately I do not know the name before hand as 
I am cloning to create multiple instances of say tasks. They may be renamed 
or named task 1 task 2 etc...

This is a messy part of the available code.

So I am currentlt working on a copy selected fields to a new tiddler, which 
does create a new tiddler, but does not include the increment of duplicate 
tiddler names.

Arrrrgh, I can't win.

Perhaps I determine the new name myself and make it unique. This will be 
easier in the next release with the range operator.


On Saturday, 11 August 2018 17:40:33 UTC+10, FrD wrote:
> Hi TonyM,
> Finally I found a way to do what you want. The drawback is that you need 
> to know in advance the name of the tiddler you want to create.
> Go to
> Create a tiddler, for instance "testtemplate" with a tag ("MyTag"), some 
> text and two fields : field1 and field2.
> Create a tiddler, say "testcreate" with this code inside :
> \define actions()
> <$action-setfield $tiddler="testtemplate" $field="title" $value=
> "MyNewTiddler" />
> <$action-deletefield $tiddler="MyNewTiddler" $field="field2" />
> \end
> <$button actions=<<actions>>>
> Create and remove field
> </$button>
> When you click the button, testtemplate is cloned (without being deleted) 
> and field2 is removed from the cloned tiddler.
> I think it's a convoluted way to use action-setfield and probably not the 
> way it was intended to be used. But it seems to work.
> Regards
> FrD
> Le samedi 11 août 2018 09:12:03 UTC+2, TonyM a écrit :
>> Mark,
>> Just to clarify, the "idea of [your] own and FrD's suggestion" just did 
>> not work?
>> I was relay smart because I decided to use a subtiddler such as 
>> task/template to indicate it was a template tiddler so task no longer held 
>> the removeme field and would not be cloned. This is a good idea but 
>> somewhere I decided this was a useful tip for creating templates for 
>> subTiddlers, and I returned it the above method only to be reminded it does 
>> not work again.
>> I am using the following to clone tiddlers I am using as templates;
>> <$button message="tm-new-tiddler" param=<<currentTiddler>> 
>> tooltip="Clone this 'template'" aria-label="Clone this 'template'" class=<
>> <tv-config-toolbar-class>> >
>> <$action-setfield $field=template-source $value=<<currentTiddler>>/>
>> {{$:/PSaT/newTiddler/icon.svg}}
>> </$button>
>> So to restate the problem
>> *This works nicely except I have to remove a field from the new Tiddler 
>> eg removeme*
>> *<$action-deletefield $field=removeme/>*
>> *Unfortunately if I use this in the above tiddler it removes the field 
>> from the source tiddler before the cloning.*
>> As Mark suggested I may need resort to the ActionCreateTiddler so a Final 
>> call to see if anyone knows a workaround or has build a clone tool using 
>> ActionCreateTiddler?
>> Regards
>> Tony
>> On Friday, 3 August 2018 12:46:30 UTC+10, TonyM wrote:
>>> Folks/Team,
>>> I am creating a tool to create tiddlers from template tiddlers and will 
>>> share today (if I resolve this).
>>> However to do so I am using the following to clone the tiddler to a new 
>>> tiddler name eg "task 1" and open for edit (which the user then modifies)
>>> \whitespace trim
>>> <$button message="tm-new-tiddler" param=<<currentTiddler>> tooltip="Clone 
>>> this 'template'" aria-label="Clone this 'template'" class=<<tv-config-
>>> toolbar-class>> >
>>> <$action-setfield $field=template-source $value=<<currentTiddler>>/>
>>> *<$action-deletefield $field=tiddler-template-caption/**>*
>>> {{$:/core/images/clone-button}}
>>> </$button>
>>>    - I identify which tiddlers are templates by the existence of the 
>>>    field *tiddler-template-caption*
>>>    - During the clone which works perfectly the tiddler-template-caption 
>>> also 
>>>    gets cloned
>>>    - Unfortunately this means the new tiddlers now appear in the list 
>>>    of tiddler templates
>>>    - In the above code *<$action-deletefield 
>>>    $field=tiddler-template-caption/*> deletes the field from the 
>>>    template tiddler not the new one.
>>>    - How can I delete this field from the new tiddler with the yet to 
>>>    be determined name?
>>> I believe I need to use message="tm-new-tiddler" param=<<currentTiddler
>>> >> rather than ActionCreateTiddlerWidget to clone the tiddler, where I 
>>> would use the $savetitle.
>>> I want the clone to work regardless of the fields and their content so I 
>>> do not want to explicitly create the fields, I just want them to come from 
>>> the template tiddler except for *tiddler-template-caption.*
>>> Note: <$action-setfield $field=template-source 
>>> $value=<<currentTiddler>>/> updates the template tiddler before the clone, 
>>> this saves the user doing it.
>>> How can I trigger *<$action-deletefield 
>>> $field=tiddler-template-caption/**> on the new tiddler after it is 
>>> named/created without an additional "trigger"*
>>> Thanks
>>> Tony

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