> Many PR are better off as plugins. 

The new Mod-Loader could help, in cases where plugins need to change core 
functionality.  I'm designing this facility to provide an option "in 
between" core-shadowing and pull requests, as well as easier distribution 
of branch functionality in the form of mod plugins.

Time permitting, I'd like to discuss some core changes that could help 
improve the modloader's forward compatibility (see the "bootloader module" 

On Monday, 12 February 2018 04:55:38 UTC-6, PMario wrote:
> I'd like to add some more points. 
> Just as a reminder. No offence intended.
> On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 10:08:12 AM UTC+1, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
>> TiddlyWiki 5 Dev Hangout #105 will be on Friday 9th February 2018 at 3pm 
>> GMT.
>> This will be another developer-oriented hangout to discuss plans for 
>> project infrastructure improvements in 2018. There are a few intertwingled 
>> topics, but the key ones revolve around the way that we use GitHub:
>> * Moving TiddlyWiki5 and TiddlyDesktop to the official TiddlyWiki GitHub 
>> repo so that we can use more fine-grained permissions to delegate project 
>> tasks amongst the core team
>> * Establishing an automated build process so that updates can be 
>> published quickly by any authorised members of the project team
>  * There are 100+ PRs pending ... 
>     - I think about 10 are approved already, but not merged yet, 
>        - IMO several "core devs" could speed that process up a lot.
>     - This could be a good testcase for the new CI/CD approach.
>        - 1 prerelease per PR
>        - to bet better feedback from testers.
>  * We need to discuss, how we can "get rid" of them, *in a positive way*. 
>     - I think, contributors, that write PRs can live with a "no", if it is 
> well-founded.
>        - Many PR are better off as plugins. 
>        - We should show them an easy way to go that route.
>     - From my point of view, the status quo is "frustrating" for all sides.
> -m

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