Hi Joe, 

On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 6:52:43 PM UTC+1, joearms wrote:

> Tiddlers should be small (in order to make them reusable)
> If they are (say) on average c. 300 bytes

Tiddlers internally do have a little bit of an overhead. 

We use several invisible core fields, which also need a bit memory.

creator: name
modifier: name
title: tiddler title
type: text/vnd.tiddlywiki
tags: a b c 

So the "header" is already about 150 byte. ... So I think a good 
approximation is ~1k Byte per tiddler with user content.

we could get 3 tiddlers per KB of 3K tiddlers / MB

3000 tiddlers is ok, even if they are ~1k

> or 3M tiddlers per GB

This will definitely be a problem and probably cause browser "long running 
script" messages. Or it may crash. 

TiddlyWiki doesn't use a database in the background. Internally its a 
"simple" JSON structure. So search doesn't use an index. ... There is a 
"indexing" plugin ...

I did some tests with about 20'000 tiddlers which are also taged. So 
backlinks have to be calculated. Tag Pills are claculated ...

The program is still usable, but opening a tiddler takes several seconds. 
Which is "kind" of slow. Saving and loading is even slower. 

>From my tests 

The result is a 20Mbyte html file. 
> - no crashes at save fromo tiddlywiki.com  ... but 3 times a slow script 
> warning
> - it needs about 13 seconds to load from disk
> - and about 25 seconds to save with TiddlyFox
> If the "long script warning" is not disabled with firefox setting 
> about:config ... It crashed several times while saving
> Disabling the long script warning didn't crash it. 

So size isn't a problem - is performance a problem (when searching etc)

As I wrote. No index

have fun!

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