On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 6:52:43 PM UTC+1, joearms wrote:
> 1) Put all your tiddlers in one name space (ie one TW)
> 2) Put them into different namespaces (one TW per project)

... It depends :) I personally use several TWs.

 If we imported large numbers of tiddlers with the same name
> could we make a disambiguating mechanism (like the wikipedia)
> ie X might mean A B C and let the user decide

TiddlyWiki uses a very "special" mechanisms, where the same name for a 
tiddler actually is an advantage. 

There are 3 tiddler types: 

   - Shadow Tiddlers ... used as a fallback, if users mess up default values
   - System Tiddlers  ... user editable
   - Content Tiddlers .. or just Tiddler  ... user editable

For example: If you open the TW ControlPanel: Info: Basics 
tab, you'll see 

Title of this TiddlyWiki:  TiddlyWiki  <- This text can be edited and will 
be updated in the top right of the page

If you click the link in Title of this TiddlyWiki: 
<https://tiddlywiki.com/#%24%3A%2FSiteTitle>  it will open a tiddler named: 
$:/SiteTitle .... This is a SystemTiddler
System Tiddlers are hidden in most "end user" facing lists. They start 
with: $:/ ... Special filters are used to show them.

If you *edit and delete* that tiddler, the system will use the "core" 
default tiddler, which is called a ShadowTiddler 

The text will be: My TiddlyWiki

Also $:/SiteTitle now contains this text. ... Editing it, will show a 
"warning", for users to let them know, that they will overwrite a shadow 

This mechanism allows plugins to overwrite  "core" content. eg: 
Translations. ... The core always contains a fallback value, and a language 
specific plugin just overwrites the texts. So if a translation misses a 
text, TW still shows the core content. ... 


If you switch between languages, you'll see, that the texts change, but 
it's still the $:/SiteTitle shadow tiddler, that creates the site title. 

We use this "stacking" mechanism quite a lot.

hope this makes sense.

have fun!

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