On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 6:52:43 PM UTC+1, joearms wrote:
> Any other distinction (say by project) is tricky - ie X could belong to 
> project A or B
> or both - so where do we store it???

With TiddlySpace (discontinued) we did explore the possibility to "include" 
one "space" into an other. 

space/system ... contains the core
space/plugins ... contains plugins
space/content ... contains user content

The further down the list, the higher the priority. ... That means "user 
content" will always win.
Tiddlers from  space/system can be overwritten by space/plugins  ... and so 

The important thing is: User content wins. ... 

BUT if the user overwrites and messes up a plugin setting. Deleting the 
user tiddler, will nicely fall back to the space/plugin default setting. 

See: ShadowTiddler / Tiddler relation from above

hope this makes sense


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