On 1/17/14 4:18 AM, Pierre Ossman wrote:
> Another FYI. As part of the cleanup, I am seriously considering
> removing colour map (i.e. palette) support. Reasons for doing so:
>   - It's a lot of added complexity for something that is rarely, if at
>     all, used today.
>   - Our current viewer doesn't need it, and remote servers are required
>     to support true color (i.e. it doesn't affect our ability to talk to
>     other VNC servers).
>   - We can still support colour map clients by giving them a generated
>     palette based on e.g. 3-3-2 channels. IOW, our servers will still
>     support all clients.
> The only downside I can see is that we lose built-in support for
> writing a TigerVNC server for a platform that uses palettes. I don't
> consider this a practical issue as those are rare. And should one come
> up, then you could put a conversion routine in the glue for that
> specific platform, rather than in the common code.
> Thoughts?

Are you referring to colormap support at the RFB level or the X server 
level or both?

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