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It turns out that some of the newer Android phones support an API which returns raw GNSS data and that can be logged to a file in RINEX format. There's a few apps out there that do this although I've not tried it (my Samsung S6 doesn't have the right hardware).

I've not had good luck with the Google GNSSLogger app on a Nexus 5X (which is a supported device). Lots of crashes, very little logged data. I think the Nexus 9 tablet was the optimal device--something about leaving the GPS chipset powered up, so carrier phase data didn't have lots of cycle slips?

I ran across this when looking for software to generate RINEX files from data from NEO-7 GPS modules (which I'm still looking for)

Won't rtklib do it? (I recently received a china special NEO-7N module from ebay, but I've yet to run the raw data through rtklib. It's on my todo list. The unit seems to support the undocumented raw output formats and logging to flash, so I'm pretty sure it's a real ublox device.)

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