On 4/12/18 1:29 PM, Björn wrote:
Hi Jim,

Teqc is not a Windows-only program.  There are actually several ARM/Debian 
compilations. I assume some receiver protocols have been implemented with NDAs 
attached (hey Trimble...) and that might be one reason not to distribute source 
code. However if JPL would have a long term need for a specific build - Perhaps 
Unavco would consider supporting that.


Teqc does translation (binary to Rinex conversion), editing of rinex and 
quality control of rinex data.

Not sure if that is something you want/need to do at your Beaglebone or what 
post processing package you intend to use.  Some post processing softwares 
might eat uBlox binary natively - all likely support rinex.


interesting.. there's Rpi builds which *might* work, at least it's ARM.

This is for my backyard, not for JPL, but that doesn't stop me from poking the JPL people and having them ask UNAVCO.

So now I just need to get some binary files out of my GPS receivers.

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