Hi Christian,

On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 12:29:38PM +0100, Christian Treldal wrote:
> A year or something ago Ervin wrote a quick Python2 script for keying via
> hamlib. It has n


Could share with me/us? :)

> been working flawlessly until now. I've upgraded to Fedora31 and Python2 has
> been depreciated. I am trying to convert it to python3;
>  But I think it is a good time for a humble feature request for Tlf 1.x.x. A
> build in hamlib keyer, so at least I can avoid stressfull  expiriences like
> this.
> All modern rigs have keying via hamlib.

you mean aboue like K3? Once I started to review how does it
works, but IMHO it's too difficult. We discussed about this topic with
Zoli HA5CQZ, but now I don't remember the results.

73, Ervin

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