You know, something just doesn't add up here.

Very recently, the FSF's staff page was updated to remove the FSF's web developer, who was only indicated by a very generic pseudonym, and a job offer was posted for a Web developer. I assumed this was the staff Leah was talking about. But on Libreboot's contributors page, a completely different staff member who is still listed on the FSF's staff page is named, and her description says she "is not an FSF employee anymore".

So, if (as I suspect) it is actually this other person mentioned on the Libreboot contributors page who was fired, then that tells me that Leah is not really as concerned about the staff person's anonymity as she lets on. After all, why on Earth would you take time out of your day to write something that specifically indicates who you're talking about when a basic investigation into the history of the FSF's staff page doesn't reveal this and even obfuscates who is being talked about?

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