If you want to get something straight you should read it straight. You interpret, modify it and then ask what is wrong. The answer is: your process is wrong.

"I *accuse* person X of having a serious mental disorder" or "I *blame* others for writing free software" is different from:

"Protecting forum posts with copyright and licenses is insanity. If 2 people communicate by handling a copyright notice and a license for what they share this is not a moral stance but a serious mental disorder."

> Where are the programs that you released under the public domain?


and it is not "releasing under" but rather sharing some useful settings. Just like one shares with a friend "Look, if you use this towel you can wipe your window and see better". It is in no way enforcing regulation on how (not) to use the towel, who is the legal entity releasing the towel and all that nonsense.

Forums are not the place to "release" software. Just like you don't write a piece of code on the wall in a public toiled and put a license note on it just because there is a "legal perspective" to it.

If one is serious to release software, there are proper ways to do it. That was the idea of having a repo about it. But since people here would rather sit and evaluate, criticize, argue, or take care mainly about the perfect conformity to some ideology disregarding any call for healthy common sense, I don't think any further sharing by me would be valuable because I refuse any kind of sectarian thinking.

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