> So you completely ignored the fact that NOT attaching a license to a piece of software is immediately making it non-free?

Damn. Then I ran the first shared bash script, so I immediately committed a crime. Take me to court for breaking the international copyright law. I am also reading (and copy-pasting excerpts from) your automatically non-free copyrighted forum posts without explicit permission (license) - take me to court again, then stone me.

I am also breathing air containing CO and CO2 molecules produced by cars which have non-free computers which are not in the FSF's list of endorsed hardware and which run non-GPL software. I even pay to ride in such vehicles sometimes, which means I support the non-free hardware and software production. I also benefit from a whole world of technology running on non-free software. I will rot in hell for eternity.

I hope I haven't ignored any detail. If I have - please stone me twice.

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