> As for the caveat, if a correspondent doesn't use encryption, then there's nothing that can be done.

Even if he does the encryption may be flawed through access to the private key (through something running at ring -2 or -3). Speaking of which: I would rather trust Google because they have surely done more about removing iME (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iffTJ1vPCSo) than Kolabnow. Here is an excerpt from my email question and answer to Kolabnow:

> 4. How do you address the issue with Intel ME, proprietary BIOS and
> similar?
> (because obviously running free OS and software is not enough any more)

It is not something that will happen soon, but we are learning to ride
the bike.

But I don't read anything about that bike here:


So it is again - a gimmick which would attract only people who are technically ignorant and willing to buy the trendy "free" and "privacy respecting" things.

Personally I was quite interested in migrating from G.Apps to Kolabnow but I am reluctant now (+ their service is much more expensive).

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