> It's not *your* computer but theirs, and so asking for an email provider that runs only free software on their servers is actually being concerned about *their* freedom.

The email provider does NOT run only free software. NO computer in this world does that as of today. I wonder why it is so difficult for most people here to understand this. Firmware (Intel ME, microcode, BIOS) IS a program and it is NOT free. And there is NO online service provider running on CPUs without Spectre and Meltdown. NONE. It has been demonstrated by top security experts that all these systems are extremely vulnerable and to this moment there are only mitigations because fixes require actual new hardware. You won't fix that with with recommendations, endorsements, theories, philosophies or links from gnu.org.

The problem is much bigger than your petty little computer. I wonder why you don't see it. There is no real freedom or respect for it in is such environment because there are no devices which do this, i.e. it is physically impossible. If you don't have the freedom to communicate privately - who cares about anything else? The biggest issue today is surveillance.

Accept it or create something new and give it to humankind.

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