With 1 GB (even 2GB) of RAM, I would *really strongly* suggest Xfce, LXDE, or LXQt desktop environments instead of KDE or GNOME or a GNOME derivative. I gather that Trisquel Mini comes with LXDE, so I would suggest Trisquel Mini. After the installation, you can additionally install LXQt[*] and/or Xfce and try them all before settling on one.

[*] LXQt is the continuation of LXDE. LXDE is being phased out, while LXQt is being phsed in by the same development team. Currently, LXDE is still usable (not really phased out), and LXQt has caught up and become quite usable already. I use LXQt and I'm quite satisfied so far. As for tomorrow, LXQt will sure surpass LXDE. But then, future Trisquel Mini editions (if any) would probably come with LXQt or Xfce, instead of LXDE.

In short, I would install Trisquel Mini, and then - optionally - additionally install LXQt and Xfce on top of it, and try out all 3. Also I would heed Magic Banana's suggestion, that try to upgrade RAM to 2 GB. (1 GB is more than enough for the system itself. But if you use modern web browsers, office suits, and the like, it may not be enough.)

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