> I wonder what is the difference between installing Trisuel Mini versus installing regular Trisquel and installing LXDE?

I don't know to be honest. I know that it comes with LXDE, and I gather that it is a rather minimalist edition. So I *infer* that default software selection and their default setups would probably be in line with a minimalist strategy. I.e. perhaps your software suggestions (or similar) might already be in place with the Mini edition. As I don't know normal edition neither do I mini edition, all I can say that it would be prudent for a low-spec computer to start with mini edition and then slowly add on top of it, instead of starting with the full blown edition and then go the other way around.

> Writing can just be done in a text editor (I use vim, but pluma and gedit are good graphical alternatives) and pasted into abiword at the end.

I would say please give JuffEd a try. I also do most of my writing in plain text editors. When I was transitioning from KDE to LXQt I was in search of some good sophisticated plain text editor (as it is kind of my habitat :), particularly good sessions support, and finally settled down on JuffEd. Its name sounds somewhat... amateurish, but the stuff is very good. Almost as sophisticated as kate, yet with much less resource requirements.

> - claws for email (or neomutt if you like cli programs)
> - lifrea (maybe) as a news reader. I say maybe because while I've never had trouble with it, I haven't gone out of my way to try many other graphical news readers.

Claws-mail is a dual purpose program, with both email and news reader capabilities. So I would suggest using just claws-mail for both purposes.

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