> And, no.. I don't have a decent alternative for it. I like netsurf although it screws up the layout of many websites.

Have you tried midori and qupzilla (aka falkon)? I find midori the best in terms of "hogtionality" (resource hogging vs. functionality balance). Qupzilla is twice as worse than Midori, and Firefox is twice worse than Qupzilla, in terms of hogtionality.

Www compatibility (or better put, ability to cope with broken web sites) goes in reverse direction. Firefox is the best, then comes Qupzilla (subtly worse than FF), then Midori (again subtly worse than Qupzilla).

So, the hogtionality ladder goes like this: For a subtly better compatibility, twice the resources are hogged. (Midori -> Qupzilla -> Firefox)

Currently I have 26 tabs open in Midori, that has been running for a day or so, and its RAM usage is 286188 K. Now I have just freshly started Firefox (one tab, blank page) and its RAM usage is 270572 K.

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