> You seem to ignore the most common scenario (which I already explained but again:) host A is perfectly clean/libre system communicating with host B which is PRISM'ed (= all communication is tapped). Now consider that hosts like A are very few and hosts like B are almost all other computers and (currently) all mobile phones. So this "much better" is really wishful thinking.

And you're showing destructively pessimistic thinking.

What you don't seem to understand is:

1. You're not communicating with only a single other party; and
2. Any time both nodes are safe, the conversation is safe.

Your attitude is "everyone else is doing things in a bad way, so what's the point?" Well, the point is that if you're doing the right things (encrypting, self-hosting, not sharing with the NSA, etc), that's one more person doing so, and it increases the chances of any two people's communication being uncompromised. It's like the flu vaccine; just because it doesn't affect you personally that much (flu vaccines are often ineffective), that doesn't mean you should abandon it (flu vaccines save millions of lives if everyone gets them). That's the ecological impact Magic Banana has been talking about for this entire time. You don't live in a vacuum.

> As long as there are infected hosts in the whole network, capable of spying on others, the whole network is unhealthy.

Great. So let's just abandon everything because what we can do isn't perfect. How inspiring you are. Just give up on everything. Why even bother trying to stop pollution? Just throw your smoke into the atmosphere, screw it!

Take a look at history, dude. Do you know how horrendous pollution used to be? Smog used to be such a major problem in cities that you couldn't even see your own feet some days. So rather than throwing up our hands and saying the atmosphere is hopelessly polluted, we took measures to reduce the pollution. We still have smog today, so should we go back to unregulated smoke production, just throw it all into the atmosphere like they did in the 1800s? No! Just because the atmosphere is "unhealthy" doesn't mean we take action to make it even worse.

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