> You need to configure your email server address, port, and so forth in your mail reader in order to use email, don't you?

No, IceDove figures that out automatically.

> A newsgroup is not like a www site that you can casually point your newsreader to.

So, you're saying it takes more effort to use this newsgroup? That is, it's less convenient?

So then, why would I want to use it?

> Not a "special" account

Yes, a special account, because I don't use Usenet. No one uses Usenet. We're not in the 1990s anymore.

> go through loops in order to use a mailing list

What are you talking about? Everyone already has an email account, and subscribing usually just involves typing your email address into a box, getting an email, and then replying to that email or something like that.

> I think this might have something to do with inherent human attitude against change - resistance to new and unknown.

Usenet newsgroups are not "new". Mailing lists are newer AFAICT.

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