>I'm not sure what you're referring to. Perhaps someone reported or downvoted one of your posts? (I can't see votes from the mailing list.)

No, though if someone downvotes my post, I would want to know the reason (It depends on a circumstance though) . In that context, surely I want to know that. Because I don't understand well why she/he downvoted it in this context. But she/he has the reason of downvoting. I don't understand why she/he told the reason to me directly instead of downvoting, even if my recent post were off-topic. I think that she/he can tell me it directly. "It's a off-topic, refrain." then I might be convinced or object. Eigher way, we can proceed discussion. If I can understand well a reason of downvoting from a context obviously, probably I would not want to know the reason. Is this my explanation unreasonable?

>However, I don't mind telling you directly that your recent posts are off-topic and

If that means my latest two posts above, I don't think these are not entirely off-topic. Do you really think those are off-topic? If so, I should explain that why I don't think that those are off-topic. And although I am a new user, but I think that I learned from user's conversation that a user can post a off-topic sometimes. I can find those off-topic posts. And if the person downvoted my post by bacause my post is off-topic, I want to know she/he is always downvoting every such posts. If she/he doesn't do it, it looks it is unfair. If the person is reading this my sentense, please let me know who you are. I am responding to Mr. mason now. I am depending on Mr. mason's favor, I feel. Essentially, this is a matter which you and I should discuss with. May I ask you who you are and the reason of downvoting?

>, although I am sensitive to the language barrier

I don't understand clearly what you mean.

>and may misunderstand you, come across as misogynistic.

I like women as well as an ordinary man.

>If they were downvoted, it was an appropriate use of the voting system (for once).

I am not going to object to being of the voting system. But in that context, I don't think that that was an appropriate use. I think that that was just a possible use.

>I suggest returning to issues relevant to Trisquel and software freedom.

Thanks. I will. Indeed, I might have stated those too indirectly. But this had a definite reason of indirection. I considered. By the way, there are not a few off-topic posts and un-understandable posts. It looks it is difficult for me defining the line of between an acceptable post and an unacceptable post. Couldn't you find the an un-understandable post in this forum? Don't you really understand why I posted the my latest unfavorable statement? (especially at the part of EDIT:). But, again, this my question depends on your favor, I think. I want to ask these to the person who downvoted the post. Is this demand unreasonable? Again, In this curcumstance, I don't understand why did you downvote the post. May I ask you the reason? One my post was downvoted once in other thread, but I was able to guess the reason enough. So I have no objection to the downvoting.

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