Dear Community,

We have many cash counters at our hospital where Cash Clerks prepare 
invoices for various services/goods rendered to Customers. The customers 
pay Cash to the Cash Clerks to settle the invoice amount. 

What the finance department wants is that at the end of the shift every 
Cash Clerk comes to finance department with the cash collected and hands it 
to over to some Senior Cashier. Now the senior cashier wants to confirm 
that Cash Clerk has handed over all the money against all the invoices he 
received payments from customers. In other words, we want to have a 
financial document (or statement) showing all the payments received by a 
Cash Clerk and - one statement for one per cash clerks one shift.

How can it be achieved using Tryton?. We are using GNU Health modules too.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Khurram Shahzad.

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