On 2016-09-22 14:22, Khurram Shahzad wrote:
> Dear Sergi and Cedric,
> Thank you very much for the responses.
> According to the documentation:
> " The account_statement module allows to book statements. Statement can be
> used for bank statement, cash daybook etc."
> However, Cedric is right that we are planning to complete the transaction
> using "Pay" button on invoice.
> But, I am unable to understand how the "Cash Journals" report can be used
> to get the list of cash receipts by a specific user. Even if that can be
> done, that would be a manual confirmation for which there will be no
> financial transaction booked and hence no documentation.

This is a solution where you only check the total per journal.
It is not a complete solution with full auditing.

> Keeping this and the definition of statement in view, I think Sergi may be
> right. But, how will I extract the cash receipts from Cash Journal for a
> specific user and what accounts will be debited/credited when I post the
> statement.

I still do not think that statement is the right solution because as I
said it is asynchronous. For example, the invoices will not be marked as
paid until the statement is posted.

> Some financial software record an Account Payable entry for the Cash Clerk
> for each cash receipt made by him/her and at day close nullify it after
> receiving and posting cash entry.

This sounds like a good solution the method Invoice.pay_invoice could be
extended by a module to use instead of the default debit/credit account
of the journal, a specific account defined per employee. Than a document
will allow to balance this account with the default accounts of the
journal per employee and journal.
I think it worse starting a feature topic on https://discuss.tryton.org/

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