1.  it's pronounced something like F.S.-check, as in, "there's an F S check
meeting tonight, and man it has a cool name".  as for lacking vowels, a lot
of abbreviations and organizations do fine without: BBB, PBK, PKP, and even
student senate with the dreaded SS.

2.  FSCK is a great name and i was never much into the in-joke.  it gets
points because it's an actual command, and a fairly serious one when failed.

3.  one can't claim that the name is terrible because it lacks a vowel while
simultaneously lamenting that people will interpret a consonant 'S' as some
other vowel.  pick one or the other.  as for it potentially being
misconstrued as profanity, well, we're all big kids now and i don't think
the world will end.  i'll put my name up next to it any day of any week with
a campus size of 10 or 10,000.

4.  abbreviations don't go on resumes, because it's lazy and not everyone
knows every shortening.  that's why we, as big kids now, put down things
like Association of Computing Machinery and Free Software Club in Kirksville
(or if you're into brevity, Free Software Club).


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