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can we
> expect more aggressive filtering from Twitter itself or is this really
> a full-blown app responsibility?

Careful what you ask for -- if Twitter gets too aggressive, it's bound
to impinge upon some developers and users. I'd rather see apps deal
with some degree of spam on an audience-appropriate basis than have
Twitter issuing edicts on 100% of what is, or is not, spam. Not only
do people who all speak the same language have different opinions on
what, exactly, is spam, but start figuring in language/cultural
differences and I'd bet your as likely to offend someone with attempts
at central censoring of what you perceive to be spam as you are to
offend someone by failing to eradicate potential spam to begin with.

Might be nice if Twitter, or some client app, applied a GMail-style
spam filter ... or any other user-rule/behavior based filtering where
users decide, individually, what is, or is not, spam, and intelligent
algorithms on Twitter's side take user preferences into account and
THEN become more proactive.

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