I didn't even know that there was a way to report tweet spam to
Twitter.  I'll definitely add a "Report Spam" feature to my

On Jul 8, 11:28 am, Jeffrey Greenberg <jeffreygreenb...@gmail.com>
> I'm liking Andrew's thoughts regarding sensitivity to what spam is,
> and am thinking about the gmail like vote-if-spam approach.
> Wondering if the api community (or really twitterers) would use an api
> such as this:  smellsLikeSpam( list_of_tweet_ids )...  Twitter could
> aggregate and apply policy to resulting votes.
> If you're doing a twitter interface app, then you've got to provide
> this unpleasant activity to users which they currentl don't have to do
> now.  But gmail is an argument in favor of it working well and not
> being too onerous on users in the aggregate.
> I think the problem in general is more dire for search-based
> functionality than for general tweeting, since search picks up not
> only (somewhat) older tweets but new ones and potentially in very
> large quantities.  So if I pick up a tweets yesterday and today it
> becomes spam, I'll want to know about that and be ale to toss the
> tweet (god what phrase), which has implications for apps such as mine
> and for twitter too...
> .

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